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Because i know how rubbish your work is. They're really wierd and confusing with unusual subjects. Man you must be as wierd and retarded as i thought lol.

FranciscoSoft responds:

As I know, im not retarded, so if you don't understand the content of this movie, you must be retarded.

Oh my god

That is such a peice of shit lol. It is soo crap, no story line, nothing really happens and insanely bad graphics. Man i hope you didnt try and make that a good movie because if so, u clearly suck. The only good thing was that it made me laugh. I laughed so much, cos it was just so shit lol.

Good movie

I love all stick fighting movies and thought your one was great, maybe some ideas for the future:
-Hand to hand combat can be fun
-Maybe voices instead of speech bubbles if u can manage
-Shorter more clear credits
-Much much longer. Good films are long
-Focus maybe on the one man as he kills the rest
-No need for the background music. Makes downloading too long
-3D work is great if you can manage any
They were just some ideas if you needed any. Great movie

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Good Game

Love the game. Reminds me of a game i used to play for the commodore. Fun challenging and original. look forward to maybe seeing a level designer. good game

Excellent addictive game

This is one of the best flash games i have ever played. This is because it is so addictive. At first i explored the map and tried all the different things and then went to the gym every day so i cud kick some ass. In the future it would be good to have a larger map with more places to explore. In some ways the game i am working on is quite similar to this. Good work, but keep at it.

Im just some random guy that is interested in making and playing flash games. Not much else to know.

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